Why Use Lightroom Presets?

What are Lightroom presets and why should you be using them?

For those of you who have been seeing presets EVERYWHERE and wondering what the heck they are, let's dive right into a simple explanation: Lightroom presets are similar to the filters that are available for editing images in Instagram and VSCO, but made for Lightroom.  They are simple, easy to use and improve your photos in seconds. In more technical terms, presets are files that allow Lightroom to apply particular Develop settings to an image. 

Most professional photographers utilize everything at their fingertips to speed up their workflow. Lightroom presets save time and time is money.  Investing in presets does not diminish your skills or talent. It allows you to spend less time at the keyboard editing your photos while enhancing the quality of your work. Presets are not only for professionals as many beginning and aspiring photographers love the ease with which they can elevate their images with a click of the mouse. 

Let's go into more detail as to why presets are the best thing since sliced bread, for any and all photographers.

Presets are simple and save time

Lightroom itself was created to save time in the editing process.  Using presets will save you 85-90% of your editing time, leaving loads of time for final touch ups in Photoshop, more time for shooting or whatever else you wanna do with your free time! Lightroom also lets you apply presets to a batch of selected photos. Remember how much time it used to take to edit one photo at a time?  You can say goodbye to that lengthy process.  In just a few clicks with a preset, you'll bring your images to the next level with ease.



Presets create better edits

Using pre-designed presets is like having a professional editor at your fingertips  who is ready to edit your images in seconds. Using presets is the best and fastest way to uplevel your edits to a new stage in proficiency and quality. By utilizing presets, you don't have to spend hours attempting to improve your images. Someone else has already spent hours designing this for you! Higher quality edits = higher quality photos. 


Presets allow for versatility at its best:

Presets allow you to try a variety of styles on your photos quickly. It can take years for photographers and bloggers to develop their look or branding. Taking a little bit of time to test out various presets, you'll be able to narrow down onto the looks you want to use. Once you have your favorite presets on lock, you can easily apply them to images for your site, social media, blog, marketing materials, etc. 

*Bonus: unlike photoshop where every tweak you make on a jpeg degrades the image, Lightroom presets will not degrade the quality of the image or original file.

Presets also allow for consistency:

Choosing one preset to edit an entire shoot or a series of photos with the same lighting creates a cohesive look and feel to that set of photos. This is easily done in batch editing in Lightroom. 


There are a ton of useful, beautiful, artistic presets available on the market today. I recommend that you try at least one or two presets designed by professionals to see what you think. Once most people try presets, they never want to go back to not using them! Lightroom presets provide great value in speeding up your workflow, getting better images from better edits, allow for both versatility and consistency, and last but not least, they are REALLY fun to play with for any photographer. 

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